Great Painting takes Life

The Tableau Vivant transports the viewer into a magic world, where pictorial art and theater art gradually overlap to match perfectly.
This technique, popular in eighteenth-century, has been recovered because of the intuition and sensitivity of Ludovica Rambelli, director of Malatheatre Theater Company. After her death, the company Ludovica Rambelli Theater si committed to ensure that her research is not lost again.


24 October 2021
"Conversion of a Horse" .



Ludovica Rambelli Teatro brings the Caravaggio and Michelangelo Tableaux Vivant performance around Italy and Europe.

If by chance we happen in your part, come to see us. 


Tableaux Vivans

Ludovica Rambelli Teatro is the famous company for Tableaux Vivants. Find out more about the company and the work of Ludovica Rambelli.

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Great painting gives the impression that God is in touch with a point of view on the world, with a perspective that neither the painter nor the admirer of the painting intrudes to disturb the face to face, hence the silence of the great painting.

Simone Weil

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«Este Caravaggio está muy vivo»

El País
19th november 2018